Journey of My Life #1

Hello friends this is my first post regarding my journey of life. My life is moving on a different direction, I don’t know why lots of up and down are here. Sometime I think this is happening because this is very normal and natural for every person and that’s not a new thing for me but on the other hand when I observe the problem that is repeating from last 10 years then I say yes this is a major issue.

Today it was very difficult to control my mind. It was very difficult for me to manage the situation yes I know this is a very hard and difficult time of my life and I really have to give some time and some space.

From last couple of weeks my life was so busy, so terrible, so exciting. So Today I watch a movie Brothers it was good movie. Generally I don’t watch movies but my mind was moving around everything and I need something that can control my mind. I want something that can change my mind because you know when you are very alone and you want something that can change your mind then entertainment is the best thing to avoid and to control your mind from different things.

I’ll be keep posting on this blog because I want now to open myself with Digital World. Or in other words you can say “Connecting with Digital World is the best Medicine to avoid Temporary Problems.”

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