Did destiny play a cruel joke with my heart?

My mind drifts back so frequentlyto days gone by,laughter now stilled. Torn apart with angry wordsand lies of the heart. Tears and pain heraldyears of silence between us.You were my friend,my lover, my day and night. My confidant that embracedmy hopes and dreams as your own. I still don’t understand. Still fumble for the answersas to why or how the lovestopped. Was it me? Was it you? Did destiny play a crueljoke with my heart? I wish I could tell youwhat remains of thatonce livedis a memory most dear,most pleasant. So sweet that it often bringsa smile to my lips and a gentletear to my eye. Your smile still lingers in my memory. Your laughter still echoes in my soul. The memory of our spirits soaring together is one I shall never lose. I wish that I could tell you That what remains is love ofpurest form. That I wish you only the best. That I hope you have found happiness That your search is at an end. I wish I could tell you that I miss you and so long to hear from you once more.♥